Handmade Vegan Friendly Bath Bombs

5 Benefits of using Bath Bombs

First of all... Why have a bath?

Because we LOVE them! We have been bathing for centuries! It all began with those clever Romans, and even the beautiful Cleopatra was prone to the indulgence of a dip. We all know they are beneficial to us for all sorts of reasons, body, mind and soul. But why use a bath bomb?

5 benefits of using a bath bombs!

  1. Bath Bombs Make Bathtime an event..... Once that bomb to makes contact with your hot bath water the magical fizzing begins, creating a multi sensory display of fizz, foam vibrant colours. Those millions of tiny popping bubbles help the fragrance explode into the atmosphere and waft up to your nose. There are so many options available to tie in with your mood and needs. Its a really simple and inexpensive way to transform your tub time into whatever you what!

  2. Bath Bombs and Bath Art .... Ever heard of a thing called ASMR? (autonomous sensory meridian response - its a big name for an amazing sensation), basically its a really relaxing sensation. Also known as "brain massage," it's triggered by relaxing sights and sounds such as whisper and crackles. So if the creation of the foam and fizz weren't enough to watch, the sound of the tiny bubbles popping and the colours that appear to grow from nowhere are simply mesmerising. You can't look away. It allows your brain to disengage from it busy thoughts and constant rambling by simply staring at the emergence of the display. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

  3. Bath Bombs have a natural chemistry .... Its the reaction of the Bicarbonate of Soda (a natural cleanser, water softener and acid neutraliser) and Citric Acid (a really common ingredient in skin care which helps skin cells renew and replace themselves faster) coming together in your hot tub water, that create the fizz.  No matter what your skin type, the beneficial ingredients in bath bombs with leave it soft, supple, and silky. Yes, it'll cleanse your skin, but we have also added oils to nourish, pamper and soothe your skin too.

  4. Bathtime is a ritual ...   we need rituals in place to keep order and structure in our lives. its as simple as boiling the kettle for a cuppa in the morning, or brushing your teeth after breakfast. Rituals make us feel safe and in control. The ritual of running that hot, steamy bath, lightly a candle, inhaling the fragrance, stepping into the water and immersing yourself ready for a relaxing soak is a form of self care. Its a wellness boost. It helps us unwind, settle our mind (back to that bath art and ASMR again) and soothe our muscles. Its perfect just before bed. We start engaging in this bedtime bath ritual as babies, we had baths before bed, we give our children baths before bed - why? Because it helps us sleep, basically, because it works!

  5. Bath Bombs are fun!  Children love Bath Bombs and our Handcrafted Vegan Bath bombs are packed with beautifully beautiful fragrances, nourishing oils, sparkling synthetic mica and amazing colours to transport them (and you) to new dimensions. Choose the shape and let your mind wander and have fun,  Get chased by dinosaurs, ride on a unicorn, bathe with tigers or launch into space, all while sitting in your bath. Once you are ready to go on a bathtime adventure, simply run the bath water and climb aboard. 
Our bath bombs are handcrafted in Northern Ireland and have been assessed as safe for Children over 3 years of age, Adults and Pregnant Women by a fully registered and qualified Chartered Chemist.

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