Welcome to Atomic Bombs. Here you will find stunning, cruelty free, vegan friendly bath bombs. Hand crafted in Northern Ireland with kaleidoscopic swirls of colour and beautiful fragrance blends and skin nourishing oils. 

about us atomic bombs

I'm Janice, and this is my baby (now my human babies are fully grown and about to fly the nest). I've worked in the cosmetics industry for 15+ years, specifically in Graphic Design and product development. My love of fun, quirky and colourful things often flows into my work, but I've always wanted to try something for myself. 

The majority of standard bath bombs aren't the most creative of products due to  expense of manufacturing and handmaking. They aren't a straightforward product to make I have had to learn - ALOT!  Its taken time too - they also take time to make. But its worth it, I enjoy making them.

So I've started Atomic Bombs to give it a go.  The shapes themselves are slightly alternative and a but of fun, but the product has serious ingredients and they pack a punch! I'm not trying to take over the world, and right now . . . but it's good to dream and have goals right?

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All my bath bombs are fully approved by Chartered Chemists and registered on both the EU and UK cosmetic portals. (But I'll not bore you with the admin stuff!) It means you can have faith that they are safe and of a great quality. I make the bath bombs by hand, embellishing and painting them with added special details, all from my converted lab at home (my former utility space - who needs to do laundry!).

Right now, for me, Atomic is a true, creative, entrepreneurial release. Something fun and fabulous that I can be proud of. Something I can build and love. 

I've always loved taking the time out to have a bath, and hope that Atomic bombs gives you the perfect excuse to set aside some time for yourself, or gift some time to a loved one.

Speak soon,

J x